The Gridzy Image Gallery plugin provides settings for image sizes and space between images. The gallery is fully responsive and you can control the behaviour on window resize. Take a look at the small examples in the sidebar for that (resize the window).

Gridzy Image Gallery plugin uses the famous and graceful PhotoSwipe (by Dmitry Semenov) for the zooming functionality which you can also turn off and on of course.

Additionally you can choose between different skins for the mouse over effect.

The default settings are quite simple and beautiful.


It’s also available as light version (move the mouse over the images to see it).


You can also show a little bit more text with a full overlay. In this case with bigger images and wider spaces than the previous examples.


Display the gravatar of the user who uploadet the image.


Also available as light version of course.


Or use the simple and nice magnifier overlay. Now without space between images.


There will follow more. If you have any ideas just let me know. Maybe I can implement your ideas. But I can’t promise, because the plugin should keep it’s lightweightness and simpleness.