The Gallery That Always Fits

Looking for a justified and easy to use image gallery grid?

5-star rated on CodeCanyon.

Now also available as WordPress plugin.

Whether as a portfolio gallery wall or only to automatically compose a few images on a small part of your website.

Gridzy is a fully responsive, lightweight and comfortable gallery that always adjusts to your respective layout. It's combineable with many free lightbox plugins and you can implement it easily on your website as a jQuery plugin or just by native javascript code. The gallery is highly customizable and is delivered with four basic skins and a view implementation examples.

Gridzy is highly performant also on mobile devices and keeps your semantic html5 code. It allways keeps the order of your images and amazingly will never cut them while nevertheless building a perfect grid. But that's not all. Although it's a very light script, it's much more than an image gallery. You can use it not only with your pictures but also with videos, texts and any other html content.

Sounds like a wow?

See the examples or try it by yourself

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  • fully responsive adjusts to your layout
  • easy to configure looks great even with default settings
  • top performance also on mobile devices
  • highly customizable you can easily create your own skin
  • vast browser support even supports IE back to version 8


  • standalone doesn't depend on any other JavaScript libraries
  • stay in control doesn't change the order of pictures
  • small file size uncompressed css & js only 27.7 kb
  • no code bloat just does what it's made for

Adjusts to Your Needs

  • adjust element height
  • adjust element spacing
  • add text on hover
  • use any web font
  • combine with any lightbox
  • create your own skin

Ritzy Features

  • Responsive

    Adjusts exactly to your layout at all time

  • Semantic Friendly

    You can keep semantic correctness

  • High Performance

    It's optimized for very fast calculation and rendering

  • Customizable

    Just make your own skin

  • Smart Options

    Looks great even with the default settings

  • API

    Every option can be changed - Changes are applied immediately

  • Zero Dependencies

    But plays well with jQuery if used on your site

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Arrived! - Gridzy 2 - click here