Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What do I get after my purchase?

  • Access to the Gridzy Configurator for a straightforward use
  • A few examples
  • Unminified and minified js source
  • Commented css source
  • Support 6 months (optionally 12 months)
  • Free updates for minor releases
  • CodeCanyon license to use Gridzy on one website

Can I use multiple Gridzy galleries on one page?

Yes, you can use as many Gridzy galleries as you wish, with different skins, options etc.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No, you can get all Gridzy updates for free.

Which browsers are supported?

Gridzy supports all modern browsers as well as Internet Explorer back to version 8.

Licensing Questions

Can I use Gridzy in my product for resale (theme, CMS, web app ...)?

Please contact me with detailed explanation of your project and where you wish to use Gridzy. If I agree with the way the product will be redistributed and what it looks like - I will provide written consent.

Am I entitled to use Gridzy on multiple websites?

A new Regular License is to be bought for every single website. Read more about Regular License on CodeCanyon.

Does "Extended License" allow unlimited usage?

No, it's still for a single end product, please refer to CodeCanyon licensing FAQ.

Kindly leave your email address and I’ll notify you about new releases or updates.

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